...Every great dream begins with a dreamer...

"I was a painter for passion before I was a photographer. Every great dream begins with a dreamer. In my years of photography I worked to attain a state of heart, a space offering inspirational substance that could purify one's vision. Susan Sontag wrote: “… photography as a powerful medium of art and reality …” While photography is never independent from earthly forms, I sought to understand how the medium could communicate qualities beyond those of physical appearance and thus explore deeper , eternal truths. I choose greathly varied subjects and I try to establish the fine prints as the summation of the photographer's emotional response to and a feeling of union with the object or scene before the camera. The photograph becomes a “meeting place”, an object for contemplation, a language through which I might come to experience directly, an interaction between photographer and Nature".


Max, self-taught and free lance photographer based in Italy with a background in environment, aerials and fine art photography too. Over thirty years of photography experience and the only European photographer awarded in United Nations “Focus on Your World” during the Earth Summit 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. Key exhibitions as the Melbourne Westpac ArtGaller, SICOF in Milan, Castel S. Angelo in Rome, Photo Fair in Padova, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Barcelona ArtEXPO Ada Art Gallery, London Royal Arcade Gallery and Milan Photo Festival 14th.

He has been featured in solo shows at the BIT Fair in Milan, PhotoVeneto gallery in Venice, Lagrange Gallery in Turin, Aidama Photo Festival in Abano Terme, AGFA Gallery in Milan, Villa Amoretti in Turin.

His photographic oeuvre has been featured in articles in Fotopratica, Reflex, Royal Photographic Society, Collins Educational, Meridiani, Iceland Tourist Board, Francorosso, Malan Viaggi, Sei Viaggi, Heinemann Publishing, White Star Publishing, Sassi Editore, Vilo Editions, Indigo Books, Phillip Allers Ltd, The Journal of Wound, Socialist International, Kingfisher and David West Books, Eine Welt, National Geographic, Promote Iceland, McMillan, Mbl-Iceland Monitor, Icelandair magazine, Edge Humanity Magazine, Dohdo Magazine, FotoCult, The Eye of the Photography mag, Icelandic Times magazine, Lens Culture.


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